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Craft Beers & Reviews


Posted 6:17 pm, 12/27/2019

bars serving bud going out of business?



Posted 12:24 pm, 12/27/2019

The biggest problem is you are drinking Bud


Posted 9:16 pm, 12/26/2019

Century Lounge was a good place to have a Bud and a pickled egg but they are out of business. City Café was a good place to have a Bud and Hot Dog but their out of business. Amy's Café was a good place to have a Bud and pizza but their closed. Tommy Johnson's Beer Joint was a good place to have a Bud and his delicious little hamburgers but their closed. Golden Oaks was a good place to have a few Buds and a couple of pickled pigs Knuckles but their gone also. What's a man to do? I will just go buy me a case of Buds and a half gallon of Wilkes County Shine and celebrate the New Year. Happy New Year everyone.

Impeached Sparkling Water

Posted 3:10 pm, 12/26/2019

Any updates??


Posted 10:29 am, 02/21/2018

Boondocks has good brews.


Posted 5:20 am, 02/21/2018

If you are up to West Jefferson, drop into Boondocks Brewing. The Crumpler Crippler 2x citra IPA is my fav 8.5% ABV. If you feel ballsy try the JMP stout 10% ABV. You may need a DD.


Posted 1:21 am, 02/21/2018

I apologize. I should not have said that.


Posted 1:15 am, 02/21/2018

I am an expert on craft beers and for a small fee or for a trade in kind I will sample all of your beers.


Posted 1:09 am, 02/21/2018

Which brewery of Coffee Stout did you try? I'm guessing Angry Troll... I haven't gotten to try their porters or stouts yet. AMB's porter is still pretty much my favorite, but coffee stouts in general are my favorite flavor.

This might just be old age talking, but I have a hard time with those super sweet beers, too The S'Mores beer is pretty sweet, more like a dessert, and it's about as sweet as I can usually go. We're gonna have to talk Mike at the Lowe's Beer Den to order a keg for us!


Posted 8:59 pm, 02/20/2018

Ok so I'm not about to read all these pages of the thread lol. Anyway the S'mores beer sounds amazing. I went to 222 in Elkin for my bday last year and I tried their Coffee Stout and Cinnamon Bun Beer. The Coffee Stout is my favorite. It was amaaaazing. But I was so excited about the Cinnamon Bun and it was disappointing. It tasted like honey and cough syrup


Posted 8:52 pm, 02/20/2018

Glitter, I just wanted to mention that AMB has a Cappucino Stout out right now that's MUCH better than Blue Moon's! It says that it's brewed with chocolate and doughnuts, but I don't taste anything related to doughnuts in there.

I think it's a seasonal brew, so get it while you can


Posted 4:45 pm, 10/23/2017

Like great beer


Posted 9:19 pm, 02/24/2017


I love a good beer, not cat pee that is bottle and sold under the name of Budweiser.

LOL, you mean percheron pee. :)


Posted 9:17 pm, 02/24/2017

I hope it is a good as you say or you two have lost any and all credibility and must never post EVER again.

DEAL !!!!

About Beer that is


Posted 9:15 pm, 02/24/2017

You and Jason have convinced me to try the Smores,


Posted 9:14 pm, 02/24/2017

S'mores beer is farkin awesome.


Posted 8:46 pm, 02/24/2017

Glitter, I just left the Lowes Food in Boone, and they have the Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout!

They also have a Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout that I was tempted to try on your behalf, but I only saw it in 22oz bombers. If you try it, please let us know how it compares to the Blue Moon.


Posted 9:12 pm, 02/23/2017

Very good Jason, at least you figured out how to measure yourself. I'll still laugh at you for drinking beer. But, you earned some respect by calculating yourself in man sizes.


Posted 9:08 pm, 02/23/2017

I tried the Highlands Black Mocha Stout. I didn't care for it, at all.

You and I definitely have different tastes, that's one of my favorites! lol It's still a bit weaker than the AMB porter, but I like the flavor.

Jason, you're either a liar or an uniformed fool. You haven't fit into a women's size 6 since probably the 7th grade at best.

I don't know if it's an insult to be a man that's uninformed on what size dress he wears? lol I have a 45" chest and 31" at my belly button, so whatever that tells you.


Posted 8:54 pm, 02/23/2017

Jason, you're either a liar or an uniformed fool. You haven't fit into a women's size 6 since probably the 7th grade at best. I don't give a crap what your eyes look like.

Maybe in august I'll send a good bourbon, if you show me you might appreciate it.

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